Each Associate brings with her/him a track record of experience in a particular field which is designed to complement the capacity of other members of the project team. Associates may be based near the Ottawa headquarters of the firm, although often they are located elsewhere in Canada and bring to bear their regional perspectives. Throughout its fifteen years of operations, New Economy Development Group has created joint national-regional teams to tackle national program or project evaluations, reviews and research. More recently, its Associates have acted as technical assistance providers to community-based groups wishing to plan, revitalize or to innovate to create sustainable and healthy livelihoods. Our Associates bring with them a variety of cultural and linguistic skills and interests, as well as specialized skills and knowledge.

Senior Associates


Marc Brooks

Marc Brooks Marc Brooks has had extensive experience on a broad range of policy, planning and implementation  issues both domestically and internationally primarily in community development with a focus on  economic development, skills development and infrastructure. After nearly 35 years in the federal public  service, Marc retired in 2009. While in the public service, he held progressively responsible positions with  the last 14 years spent as a senior executive at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in the economic  development and community infrastructure portfolios. Mr. Brooks has also worked with a number of  other federal departments including: the Federal Office of Regional Development (Quebec), Supply and  Services Canada, Transport Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency.

Since retiring, and given his strong relationship with many Aboriginal groups, Mr. Brooks has participated  in a number of consulting projects primarily in the area of climate change with the New Economy  Development Group, as well as several other consulting assignments ranging from infrastructure policy  development to business plan preparation.


Guylaine Leclerc

Guylaine Leclerc Guylaine Leclerc is an enthusiastic translator who has worked in this field for over seventeen years. She is a  certified translator and member of Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec. Her  experience in domains such as community economic development, business administration, finance,  women’s health and violence against women are very useful to help her understand and render accurate t  translations for a wide variety of clients.

She has offered translation services to New Economic Development Group, besides being involved with a  couple of research teams.

Guylaine has been the Executive Director of the largest Francophone rural women’s group in Ontario for over  20 years.

Brian McLeod

Brian McLeodBrian McLeod moved to the Eastern Arctic in 1989 to start what was to become a successful retail and mail order tool business. In the twenty-six years since then Brian has been involved in a wide range of professional activities in Arctic and northern communities. These have included leadership and mentoring roles in business and community economic development, resource negotiations, and policy, organizational and HR development.

From 1997 to 2006 Brian worked as a senior executive with Nunavut Inuit organizations. Since then he has worked as an advisor helping Inuit and First Nations organizations and companies become more effective through better management practices, better informed boards, and increased capacity through training and mentoring native managers. He has also spent a good portion of his time since 1998 as a lead negotiator for Inuit organizations in complex multi-party negotiations between Inuit and governments or mining companies.

In 2006 Brian moved to Winnipeg with his family, where he and his wife Lorraine Thomas, a communications specialist, started up Imaituk Inc. Brian holds a Forest Science degree from UBC and a Master of Laws degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Over the past few years he has devoted significant effort to developing innovative mediation and negotiation practices relating to enduring disputes between indigenous organizations and either government or business.


Christina Schlattner

IMG_5485Christina Schlattner enjoys facilitating, managing and evaluating community projects, most recently with First Nations in Western Canada. Christina holds an M.A. in adult education, specializing in transformative learning.

With a particular interest on personal empowerment and social transformation, Christina’s goal in any project is always the enhancement of people’s lives. Among other projects, she has designed and taught workshops moving young entrepreneurs toward their goals; worked with survivors of abuse to empower their lives; and been central to a bold initiative for development in aboriginal communities.

Christina’s recent work with the New Economy Development Group include conducting interviews, focus groups and research with First Nations for evaluating land use policy, women’s shelters, and energy use.