Project Portfolio:

Over the years New Economy Development Group has worked on a wide range of projects with many different clients.  The current portfolio is broken down into four primary areas:

Developing Evaluation and Communication Capacity in Information Society Research (DECI-2)

In July 2012, DECI-2, a four-year long, global level project was launched. It built on the previous DECI-1 work (2011-12) and is unique in linking UFE with Research Communication. The team of two Co-Principal Investigators, a Communications Advisor and six regional UFE and ResCom mentors mentored IDRC projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America; the approach has also been adapted for initiatives in Canada.

DECI-2 has been evaluated externally with positive results.

To view these publications, visit the DECI Publications website HERE

Two DECI mentors in Asia – Sonal Zaveri (India) and Vira Ramelan (Indonesia)

DECI-2 Mentors in Africa – Charles Dhewa, Sonal Zaveri and Jules Nyangaga

A third phase is underway, and to see this project, follow: Project Web site.

Inter-Thematic Evaluation of FORUT’s 2014-2018 Multi-Year Program (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malawi, Zambia), 2017-2018

The Inter-Thematic evaluation reviewed the three thematic (policy) areas covered by FORUT (Alcohol, Drugs & Development – ADD; Children Rights, CR; and Gender Equity, GE), with specific attention to the interconnections and synergies across the seven programmes in Africa and Asia.  The evaluation included several uses: as a learning tool; as a supplement for future FORUT-NORAD agreements; and as a conceptual and practical understanding of the theory of change underpinning the three interrelated thematic areas.

Evaluation of the CAP-YEI Empowerment Institute, Kenya, 2015

The final utilization-focused evaluation of the 5-year competency-based, vocational youth training project that ended in 2016. The evaluation was both summative in that it captured the achievements and lessons of the first project, and formative in that the findings helped shape a subsequent project. A journal article was published summarizing the process. An ensuing developmental evaluation, under the leadership of our Kenya team member started in 2017 and is ongoing.

Central Corridor Energy Group (CCEG) Project Management Office/Environmental Assessment Services

  • Client: Central Corridor Energy Group
  • Location: Northwestern Ontario
  • Year: 2012 – Present
power project team

Twenty First Nation communities are working together to reinforce the existing regional transmission service and also bring a new transmission line to 16 remote First Nation communities currently operating on expensive diesel generators in Northwestern Ontario. The Wataynikaneyap Power project will significantly improve social/living conditions and promote economic development in these remote First Nation communities, and is a unique ownership model enabling responsible development, capacity building, and benefits to First Nations communities in their traditional homelands. New Economy was contracted in 2012 by the Central Energy Corridor Group (CCEG) to be the Project Management Office and to provide project management, corporate governance, economic development, community engagement and environmental assessment expertise to facilitate the initiation of the project. With the selection of an experienced development partner in the fall of 2013 New Economy’s project management role was completed. New Economy has however continued to provide environmental assessment (EA) and community engagement services to CCEG for the Phase 1 Individual EA and related environmental planning. The capital cost of the entire project is approximately $1 billion.   Read more about the Wataynikaneyap Power project.