The New Economy Development Group Inc. is a pan-Canadian team of experienced consultants who help voluntary and community organizations and governments build organizational capacity and conduct research. Committed to a comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach, New Economy seeks to maximize the lessons learned from community-driven initiatives to contribute to the development of effective government, as well as private sector policy, program and project initiatives. The firm stresses the meaningful involvement of all affected stakeholders in a respectful and transparent manner. The team has a longstanding commitment to working in marginalized communities with a view to assisting local people to create sustainable and environmentally responsible livelihoods.

Areas of Practice:

  • Communications research
  • Aboriginal, northern, rural, agricultural and cooperative issues
  • Social determinants of health and gender equality
  • Underdevelopment, poverty and marginalization
  • Participatory policy development and evaluation
  • Sustainable development and the environment
  • Citizen participation and the voluntary sector
  • Community development and the social economy

Skills and Expertise:

The New Economy Development Group is a team of experienced practitioners with a broad mix of international and domestic experience. Team members have direct practical community experience as well as knowledge of how government works and how policy is developed. Their expertise includes:

  • meeting design, facilitation and consultation
  • organizational development and capacity-building
  • project management / communication planning
  • public policy research and analysis
  • strategic planning and project implementation
  • evaluation and performance measurement
  • monitoring and reporting.

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